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Empowering Those Who Empower Our Youth for 21st Century Teaching & Learning

Urban EDU Coach

IKanBe...Anything I choose to be

Online tutoring & mentoring service offering academic and socio-emotional supports to online learners and students who are homeschooled.

  • Back-2-the Basics: Fundamentals K-12
  • GED Prep
  • SAT Prep
  • Career-Readiness Prep
  • Mentoring in life skills and restorative practices fostering life-long learning.
  • To bring into play individualized virtual and face-to-face instructional and learning strategies to increase academic standing for students in areas of challenges.

  • To cultivate and strengthen skills sets in comprehension, computation in verbal and written acuity. 

Our goal is in tutoring ad mentoring is to reinforce, remediate, and enrich student learning by cultivating basic academic skills in reading and math, as well as social-emotional skills. 


Our tutors are active or retired educators and paraprofessionals with Bachelor’s or Graduate Degrees and are experts in their discipline.